Friday, April 2, 2010

Accidental isn't now!

This post is Rated PG-13. But, considering our society we live in now, I think even younger ages should read. If you are going to read this PLEASE read it ALL THE WAY through, so as not to miss my heart on this subject. It's so tough sometimes to convey thoughts in typing.

OK, so this is an odd subject for me as a guy to talk about. But it is extremely important, because the topic of abortion is huge deal. But, I'm gonna take this subject down a different road. Just to set the record straight. I am a Christian and I believe that life begins when the sperm and egg come together (fertilization or conception). I also believe that this is the Biblical defined start of life as well.

I know this is a highly debated subject and I'm not going to spend more than a few of sentences on that now. Conception is THE most logical place for life to begin. Every other second from there on out the BABY is just developing and growing. There is no other time as dramatic as the fertilization. The only other time that comes even close is birth and that really isn't either. The major differences is breathing air directly and not being sustained by the cord. But, there is no significant change of the baby from right before birth to right after. There is also good Biblical reference for my belief as well. But, like I said, we will save the rest for another time. But, the simple logic should help to span the readers who are followers of Christ and those who are not. Either way, the issue of life is extremely important.

Back on track:
With that in mind. I want to talk about birth control. More importantly, hormonal birth control. If you believe that life begins at conception, there is NO REASON for ANY WOMEN to be using any type of hormonal birth control. Just to be clear for the guy readers, this includes: pills, nuvarings, IUDs, shots, patches, etc. Anything, that involves releasing hormones (estrogen and/or progestin) to prevent pregnancy, should NOT be used. Forgive me women if I'm spelling any of this wrong, I am a guy. WHY? Well, releasing these hormones prevents pregnancies by one of three main ways. 1) Prevents ovulation (releasing of an egg) 2)Thickening of the cervix (Slowing down those excited swimmers) 3)Thinning the lining of the uterus (Preventing implantation). There are other things that these hormones do to you. But, those are the three main things they do.

Those hormones could cause of of those things to happen or could cause all three. We just don't know which one will happen for sure, and it cannot be controlled. The one that concerns me and should concern the user for sure is the third one. The reason is that the egg has already been fertilized. Therefore, it IS a BABY at that point. And, if your birth control pill is thinning the lining of the uterus then it will not implant and will pass on through and DIE. That is an ABORTION. Whether, you meant it to happen or not, is irrelevant, you CHOSE to TAKE the hormone. This is an indisputable truth, and needs to be considered before you think about using them. We cannot play stupid or "I didn't know it could do that" on this subject.

Now, the only argument that even comes close to considering is that some women do take those hormones for other health reasons, as prescribed by a doctor. That is fine and is between you, your spouse and your doctor. If that is the case though, then there should be NO unprotected intercourse or other means by which sperm can make it to that egg. Other methods of physically preventing the sperm from fertilizing should be done, RELIGIOUSLY. Abortions should never be considered accidental, the issue of getting pregnant is extremely important. We are talking about human life here. Not your own life, but another life. At that point, I don't consider that argument anymore.

I know this seems dogmatic. And, this will raise emotions. But, don't get me wrong I am open to hearing more points of view on it, and talking it through. If you know me then you know I am open to talking it through and hashing out issues. It is just so important and needs to be addressed. I have talked with Jessica about this a ton of times. We agree on this. And this is why we have never chosen these paths. I just can't fathom that I may have killed Elizabeth or Claire before I even saw their first sonogram.

There are so many other ways to deal with family planning or baby planning as it may be: barrier methods, natural family planning, etc. And, I do pray that all of these relationships are married couples dealing with this and not unmarried couples having sex. I do not condone sex outside of marriage, even though it is so prevalent. This issue is another post as well. But, the issue is important for them too.

My heart just aches over this. There are just so many ads and commercials for this type of birth control. We are flooded with it and are not seriously informed of the risks or just don't care enough to look at the fine print. Have you ever seen an ad in a magazine for one of these. It takes at least two pages. The first page is the flashy, all the good, smiling faces, and benefits of it. The second and possible third page goes into describing what it actually is, what you need to do, and what is does. I think though that now they don't even have to list how it prevents pregnancy. They used to. Either way, look it up, google it, whatever you need to do to be informed. There are no accidental abortions. Be informed, spread the word.

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  1. I agree with you 100%. You are right on. The problem lies in the fact that with all hormonal birth control the back up method of preventing implantation exists. When that happens the chance for preventing a fertilized egg from implanting is always there. And you will never know if one of your own children has been lost. Happy we are on the same page about this.