Sunday, July 25, 2010

The stormiest friday I can remember!

The day was an ok day as it was, but the storm came on suddenly. We knew it was possible and prepared, but it still came on quick. Rains soaked everything, winds tore through, the sky was as dark as could be, no visibility through it, power flickered and we sat wondering what it would be like when it was over. Afterward, we gathered ourselves and surveyed the damage. Neighbors gathered together to pick up broken branches, clean up debris, put belongings back in place, and help restore the things that we could and remember the things we couldn't.
It was not a fun ride to say the least, but a ride given by God. It showed Him and His many attributes. But, the community rallies together as it should, keeps moving forward, trusting in Him, following His lead, and remembering His word. We trust in you God to help us pick up and move on.
We remember you Matt Edwards and your presence in our lives in so many ways. Thank you for showing us in an ever increasing way the sacrifice that Christ showed us. Your life was a reflection of Him. It does not go unnoticed. Thank you God for your work through Matt, His followship of You is a testament to You. Our community is better for it.
Edwards Family: We are thankful for you. I can hardly begin to understand how you feel, but only to just be there with you while you pick up and move forward. Our family is with you, praying, restoring, remembering. The storm is crazy, but God redeems through it.
It was only later that day that we had a bad thunderstorm. In retrospect of the day it was like rainshower and it's damage minimal. What a stormy friday!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

It's interesting how much more PC our culture is getting. I've always been bugged by just saying happy holidays or have a good holiday. It started off with Christmas and people didn't want to offend so they said happy holidays to cover Christmas and New Years. That was annoying enough. Then the last couple of years I hear it for Thanksgiving. Even more annoying. Now, for the 4th of July. Seriously, are any of you that offended by celebrating our nations freedom. If you are you need to move to another country. I can't believe how many people have said have a happy holiday over the last couple of days. I'm just sayin'

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Where there is smoke....

"Where there is smoke there is fire"

I'm really beginning to absolutely hate this statement. I know why it's used. The problem is it's a prejudgement statement. And, we should not be in the business of prejudging people. Often it's used in commentary toward some legal case, politician, or political issue. But, really it is a poor choice for the user. It shows you do not want to think something through and just pass it off and pass judgement prematurely. A good example is when legal charges are brought against someone and they may already have a poor record. A person may see the charge and their past and determine their judgement based on their history or some other non-relevant thing. For instance, in Detroit, the former mayor (Kwame Kilpatrick)just recently got convicted for a couple of serious items. Now a few days ago, their have been some new charges for a number of other items. And really, all I have heard in response to those charges were "See, look at all the stuff he was doing." He has not been convicted yet, but the public is already condeming him. What a shame for our society. I don't care what a person's history is we need to see the results before we can pass judgement like that.

Now, many times, a person's history or other things help us to come to a conclusion when they are along with some facts. They may open up a road that leads to the correct conclusion or they may lead to a dead end. But, these things are not reasons within themselves. This is very common is race issues. One race may not like another one and will cite that as the reason they are a certain way and then pass judgement solely on that. This is a terrible thing. This does nothing but divide people.

This simple phrase is really divisive!

Don't forget there are other conclusions to "When you see smoke..."
Like: "Where there's smoke, there may be mirrors" and you may see something else entirely and not the truth. You may want to ask Criss Angel or David Copperfield about that.
The smoke may be a fog that covers the situation and when it is lifted, may not show fire at all but a reality that you may not want to be in. Like driving downt the wrong way on a road on a foggy day.

The only thing we know for sure, is "When there is smoke, there is smoke."

I'm just sayin'