Monday, May 17, 2010


My wife is so wonderful. It's amazing to watch her in action. She is a great wife and mother. She is very encouraging, loving, caring, serving, godly, sexy, beautiful, and compassionate. Even through the mother's day time she took the time to reach beyond herself and talk about me. I'm very appreciative of her, and I know I don't say it or show it enough. "THANK YOU, BABE" "I LOVE YOU". She cares so much for our family and I love to watch as the Spirit of God flows through her as her heart reaches out to so many near to her.

I'm blessed to be married to her and do not envy the rest of the male population who cannot be, ever. I am truly dedicated to staying married to her. Our relationship is so much fun. We have ups and downs like everyone else. Even more downs than most may think, but we work through them, grow, and keep on moving along. And we have so many great ups. Every minute is well worth it. It's our love for God that pushes us to love each other. We choose to keep on loving each other no matter what. We do because God set that precedent in us first by loving us no matter what, as well.

On the inside of my wedding band I have "I love you still. 1 John 4:19." etched in. It reminds me that Jesus takes the time to keep loving, he keeps choosing to love me, therefore I need to do it as well. The result is grand. As we keep loving each other our relationship grows deeper, tighter, more in twined, more as one.

Funny side note:
Originally, my wedding band said "I love you 1 John 4:19". A few years ago, I lost my wedding band in the middle of a lake, while jet skiing with my friend, Dave Buckenberger. We were riding together doing crazy turns and stuff trying to throw each other off. After one of them, we both got thrown off and as I was reaching up to get back on and I noticed it was gone. I immediately knew that at some point over the last 30 minutes of craziness it came off and I'm sure it immediately sank to the bottom of the murky lake. Dave was so concerned that he immediately said, "Should we go down and look for it". Now, I appreciated tremendously his care for it, but responded with funny look and said, "It's gone dude, we are in the middle of this lake with who knows how much junk at the bottom, not knowing how deep it is, and we can't see the bottom at all." Therefore, I cut my loss at the moment and we went back to craziness. Good times!

I got an inexpensive ring as a spare later, until I could get a new better one. Jessica got me the exact same ring, again, with the new saying, for a gift. She is so thoughtful. It was great. Thanks again, Jessica.

Marriage is a wonderful thing that God created. If you want to know more, ask!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unemployment... Want a Job!

This has been more recently annoying me...
First, I implore all to read the last paragraph first and then come back and read through the whole post. THANKS.

It's the unemployment scam(s). To start off, I think unemployment pay has it's place in our society. It is, although, being scammed more than anyone, even me, really knows. If you don't think so, then you are living in a dream world. On occasion I hear of people who are trying to find ways to work as little as possible or under the radar and still collect unemployment from another company. If this is you. Then read this next sentence carefully.

STOP DOING IT NOW!!!!! You are RIPPING OFF other hard working people and businesses. Where do you think this money comes from? It's not from thin air, some one's secret stash, or from some free place.

I have overheard conversations of people who are trying to figure out how to collect unemployment and still work somewhere else. There are many people who collect unemployment and then go work somewhere else for cash and don't report it. Among the other numerous ways people have figured out how to scam it. I know personally, people who know exactly how long, down to the day, to work for a company, find someway to get let go and start collecting it from that company. It is just making me sick. I'm getting so tired of it. I'm a contractor and I know there are people who are out there collecting unemployment and going and doing small home improvement projects for cash. This is double dipping and hurting more people than one may think.

Want to know why it's wrong....well.... This is wrong because not reporting income is illegal and the IRS can throw you in jail for it, after many fines and no tax payments on it. It steals from the company they used to work for. And, it steals work from people who are legitimately looking for work, the right way. This is absolutely STUPID to me. It makes it difficult for me doing painting when some Joe Blow cousin can come in a paint it for a third of the price. Basically, he doesn't pay any taxes on the income, no insurance, is collecting money otherwise, but is just trying to make some extra money so he can buy some stupid toy; while I have to fight to win a bid, so I may feed my family. All while a very confused homeowner thinks I'm just one of those overpriced contractors, making that ton of money. Let's get real here.

Now, there is a legitimate place for it, when a loyal employee has to be let go for no good reason or something like that. Then it is useful. Even then, there is a time limit to getting another job. Beyond this, scammers should be prosecuted severely, They are STEALING MONEY. It's like robbing a bank and should be treated as such.

The time limit is even to long, I think. Someone, can literally go 2 years on unemployment pay. That is just flat out ridiculous.

NOW, I can here the ton of voices in my ear.... Look at our economy there are NO jobs! He hasn't been able to find a job after sending out 200 resumes! How I am I gonna make what I did at my old job? And so on. Well, what to say to that....hmmmm...

Our economy is bad, no disagreement there. I know I'm in it. I don't just have some cushy corner office job. I'm out there every day fighting for work. It doesn't justify stealing from others. That reminds me of the movie "Cinderella Man". Rent it. They are living through the depression and the father's son steals some bread because he knows his family is hungry. When the father comes home and finds out, he walks his son all the way back to the store and makes him return it and apologize. Anyway, I digress.. If you haven't found one after sending out a ton of resumes maybe your search it too narrow. Believe me, there are jobs out there. You can't and shouldn't be picky. You may not get your previous pay, wonderful benefits, or company car. But, you will LIVE. You will probably have to change your lifestyle as well to make it happen. I know that may make a bunch of people mad, thinking, "I deserve more, I worked hard for where I am". What we deserve is a touchy topic. You may have worked hard, but we must be ready to adjust to a changing life, not just expect others to pay for us to stay where we are in our way of life.

Extending the time doesn't help, really. People who truly want to work will get out and find it and find it quick. They know they can't just sit around and expect it to come knocking on their door. Opportunity doesn't knock, it smiles and waves as it drives by! Either you go and get it or you will just let it go. If you give people more time to get paid sitting around that's what a vast majority of them will do. If you want to see a flood of people really work hard to search for a job, shorten the time. True poverty and hunger is a great motivator. My mom is great example, she lost her job. And, she went out and worked hard to find any job she could and not to long after she did. She had to do a few different things and work at places she wouldn't have generally wanted to. But, she knows she needs to keep paying her bills and eating. And, she works incredibly hard for the pay she gets. But, she has a job.

The overall voice in my head rings "Should we just let people starve then?" My answer is plainly simple, "NO". That is ridiculous. But, At what cost do we let people just live the way they want and not adjust at all and just keep stealing from others. If you are crying out that question, when is the last time you went and helped a homeless person. More than just giving them a dollar and saying "God Bless". But, really helping them more. There are who knows how many hundreds of thousand of them, and they are literally fighting for EVERY BITE TO EAT. They aren't worried about their clothes, shoes, lawn, car, house, etc... Just putting it in perspective. This is the point though. People will not just let themselves go hungry they try as hard as they can to survive. We have to look at our whole life.

This is also where the church and community truly come into play. If a family in a well connecting community/church runs into a hard time that community can help that family rebound through the hard times. And in the future that family can be a part of helping another one. That is a part of what the church should do. That doesn't mean someone should act stupidly with their money and just expect others to pay for it for them. There is accountability there.

I'm willing to bet if people were stealing as much. There would be more legitimate jobs out there. Now, don't get me wrong there are a ton of other things our system could do or change that can help our economic system, but that is a whole other time. But, passing out other peoples money, freely, doesn't change some one's life or truly help them. That is called enabling. We don't deserve unemployment freely. It is something that is earned and not to be abused.

So bring on the arguments, complaints, whines, and even legitimate thoughts about unemployment. But, if you are scamming STOP IT. Believe me, I will listen, read, and respect your response. There is a ton of thoughts and situation specifics on it. But, I'm about to explode over the issue. Thanks for reading. If you are with me on this issue and you overhear anything about, maybe try and say something, respectfully. At the very least, do not contribute to the scam in any way.

It is a touchy subject to many, especially if you don't have a job and are legitimately looking. But if that is you, please try to understand my heart on this and then fight with me on it, while you are fighting for a job. Peace.