Monday, May 17, 2010


My wife is so wonderful. It's amazing to watch her in action. She is a great wife and mother. She is very encouraging, loving, caring, serving, godly, sexy, beautiful, and compassionate. Even through the mother's day time she took the time to reach beyond herself and talk about me. I'm very appreciative of her, and I know I don't say it or show it enough. "THANK YOU, BABE" "I LOVE YOU". She cares so much for our family and I love to watch as the Spirit of God flows through her as her heart reaches out to so many near to her.

I'm blessed to be married to her and do not envy the rest of the male population who cannot be, ever. I am truly dedicated to staying married to her. Our relationship is so much fun. We have ups and downs like everyone else. Even more downs than most may think, but we work through them, grow, and keep on moving along. And we have so many great ups. Every minute is well worth it. It's our love for God that pushes us to love each other. We choose to keep on loving each other no matter what. We do because God set that precedent in us first by loving us no matter what, as well.

On the inside of my wedding band I have "I love you still. 1 John 4:19." etched in. It reminds me that Jesus takes the time to keep loving, he keeps choosing to love me, therefore I need to do it as well. The result is grand. As we keep loving each other our relationship grows deeper, tighter, more in twined, more as one.

Funny side note:
Originally, my wedding band said "I love you 1 John 4:19". A few years ago, I lost my wedding band in the middle of a lake, while jet skiing with my friend, Dave Buckenberger. We were riding together doing crazy turns and stuff trying to throw each other off. After one of them, we both got thrown off and as I was reaching up to get back on and I noticed it was gone. I immediately knew that at some point over the last 30 minutes of craziness it came off and I'm sure it immediately sank to the bottom of the murky lake. Dave was so concerned that he immediately said, "Should we go down and look for it". Now, I appreciated tremendously his care for it, but responded with funny look and said, "It's gone dude, we are in the middle of this lake with who knows how much junk at the bottom, not knowing how deep it is, and we can't see the bottom at all." Therefore, I cut my loss at the moment and we went back to craziness. Good times!

I got an inexpensive ring as a spare later, until I could get a new better one. Jessica got me the exact same ring, again, with the new saying, for a gift. She is so thoughtful. It was great. Thanks again, Jessica.

Marriage is a wonderful thing that God created. If you want to know more, ask!

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  1. Thanks for your kind words. I read them again today and am reminded how thankful I am to be married to you. I love this journey we have taken together. You make it better. I love you... still.